Tongan ‘Bout Business

It’s been almost seven weeks since I first landed on that tarmac in Fua’amotu, Tonga. It’s an international airport with one terminal, three “custom” (as in makeshift) customs stands, and one baggage carousel. But what brought me here? Two 737’s and an A330.

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Bussin’ It in Tonga

Living in Tonga is like living in another time. I came from a place where I can track the location of my bus/train in real-time on my 4G LTE iPhone to a place completely removed from that kind of technology. AT&T won’t unlock my phone, so I don’t have a phone here yet. Not that […]

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Listening and Lists

It’s only Wednesday and it’s already been an awesome week. The university experience has afforded me invaluable access to resources beyond imagination. I strongly believe that most intellectual and emotional growth happens outside the classroom. While the classroom is the information center, everything beyond that is where this network of thoughts is created. It’s the best […]

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Blown Away

Stick around me long enough, and you’ll figure out that I have an addictive personality. Not addictive like you need to be around me because you love me a ton, but like that I tend to get addicted to things really easily and go through many phases of addiction. This week, I’m addicted to…

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Breakfast, Beaches, and Babes

VIEQUES, PUERTO RICO- I’m pretty delusional. I buy new books before I finish the old ones. I start runs with a 6-mile goal and I’ll finish 3. I sign up for FedEx Office email newsletters just in case a 40% off coupon for something I’d never buy (e.g. 50-page color photo book, corporate thank you […]

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