Blown Away

Stick around me long enough, and you’ll figure out that I have an addictive personality.

Saturdaze: Cleveland Circle, en route to Trader Joe's.
Saturdaze: Cleveland Circle, en route to Trader Joe’s.

Not addictive like you need to be around me because you love me a ton, but like that I tend to get addicted to things really easily and go through many phases of addiction.

This week, I’m addicted to…


I was at Trader Joe’s last week to pick up some dried mango, and the Trader Joe’s Dried California Persimmons caught my eye. I finished the bag that night. I’d like to say that I shared with friends, but that would be an overstatement. I went back a couple days later to further fuel my addiction, and TJ’s was sold out! Dazed and confused, I approached the manager to ask if there were any in stock in the back. Negative. Apparently, there was a dried mango shortage for a couple weeks, so people turned to dried persimmon, and got hooked. Now, it’s really hard to get. I found out that the next shipment was coming in that night, so I went back the next day to grab a couple (5) more bags.

It’s been a couple days, and I’m down to the last bag.


Really delicious.

Also, had the best banana bread in my life from Flour Bakery. An angel at work brought in a bunch of pastries, and the banana bread was nuts*. Before I came to Boston, I had actually made Flour’s banana bread before. Now that I’ve tasted the real deal, I’m convinced it’s a different recipe… Or I’m just bad at baking. Anyway, I was obsessed with Flour Bakery even before I had set foot in one. More on this later, but Joanne Chang, Flour’s owner and head pastry chef, is one of my role models.


When I have time before class, I try to grab the Wall Street Journal first thing in the morning before the rest of the news-hungry locusts (CSOM students) inhale them. I’ve been reading on the hour-long T-ride into work, and have learned a lot about what’s going on in the world how to read a newspaper on a crowded train. There’s a certain novelty in reading a newspaper that’s actually news on paper, but a subscription on my iPhone would be a lot less conspicuous and a lot more convenient. When will this blog be big enough to get free stuff? WSJ, are you listening?

On another note, I’m planning a few trips for this year, and TripAdvisor is an automatic go-to resource. Yeah, it’s super comprehensive, but I had no idea that TripAdvisor was such a behemoth. It’s literally changing the way we travel– for both the business and the consumer. What’s even cooler is that it’s based locally, in Newton, MA.

“… last year Kaufer took a 510 percent raise, to $39 million, making him the country’s fourth-highest-paid CEO.”


Fresh Off The Boat” easily ranks as one of my favorite shows. It’s great that a major network like ABC picked this show up. (ABC also stands for American-Born Chinese… coincidence?) 12-year-old Hudson Yang, starring as young Eddie Huang, is a comedic genius.

I can’t figure out why it’s so funny to me, though. Is it because I can relate to the caricature of an Asian-American family with immigrant parents chasing the “American Dream”, or is it because it’s actually funny?

Either way, it’s sidesplitting.

KP and I recently finished “The Fall“, produced by BBC Two and streamed on Netflix. This show is truly exceptional. I normally can’t and don’t watch crime psychological thrillers, but it’s so good that I watch it anyway. Gillian Anderson stars as Superintendent Stella Gibson, who is the most badass female lead I’ve ever seen. So badass, that KP and I found ourselves pausing the show in order to clap and cheer. P.S. Jamie Dornan is in it- he plays a serial killer.

These are my favorite things this week. Follow me on Instagram: @hurricanejoon!

*was crazy delicious and had walnuts lol punz

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